Guest Book for John Joseph Collins

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Posted by: Fred and Lynn Fry
Mon August 31, 2020
Our condolences to John’s family. I have known John most of my life through my father and the fisheries lab. John was a kind considerate man and will be missed.

Posted by: Loretta Mucha
Mon August 31, 2020
My condolances to John's family he was a part of the South Baymouth Community for many years. A camera in his hand,his pipe in his mouth and always a grin on his face.Akind gentle man who missed his dear Coral. Rest in peace old friend.

Mon August 31, 2020
As a summer student in the late 60's, I worked with John at the 'Lab' in South Baymouth. Always so friendly and oh, so much fun!  What a sense of humour he had!  He always had his pipe when working at the Lab . ..Guess that would not happen these days! He will be missed.

Posted by: REX AND GERALDINE Porter
Mon August 31, 2020
It was with great sadness today when we heard of John's passing.  We extend our sincere condolences to his family.  I came to work with John as a summer student in 1967 and spent 6 summers under his guidance during my University undergraduate and graduate years.  John was my mentor.  He convinced me to leave the Forest Ranger School and go to University; then he successfully encouraged me to undertake a Masters Degree research project on Kokanee salmon in Blue Jay Creek.  John's guidance and support during my student years greatly influence my career choices, for which I will be forever grateful.  John instilled in me a love and respect for nature. John and I loss touch after I moved to Newfoundland until about three years ago.  Since then we enjoyed many stories and a few chuckles reminiscing of bygone days.  John, Heather and Don came to Newfoundland in 2019 and they were treated with some of of our rainiest and windiest weather.  Nevertheless, John seemed to enjoy himself, kept his hat on, his pipe lit, and his coffee well flavoured.  We "screeched' John in and made him an honorary Newfie.   I am truly thankful for time I spent with John.  We will miss him.

Posted by: Rose and John Diebolt
Thu September 03, 2020
Our thoughts go out to Cora and John. I beleive John is in a good place now- joining Cora. Knew John for many years starting back in th 1980's when we first came to Manitoulin.
I connected a lot more with him the last few years, as we joined each other for birding excursions- especially for piping plover and on the Christmas Bird Count.

Memories- John pipe in hand, spotting scope carried along and fumbling for his long lensed camera, trying for the perfect picture. Always most apprciative that we would pick him up and look out for him as we traversed the sands of Carter Bay or the sideroads of Manitoulin.
Thanks John (and Cora) for being you. John-You will still follow along with us on birding excursions and I will include your name as one of the observers.

Stay the course


Posted by: Art and Jane Deyell
Thu September 03, 2020
John was a man recognized for his pipe, his smile and outgoing personality. From his arrival at the Lands and Forests Research Stn. over 60 years ago he engaged the community with his artistry, his photography and his love of nature. He was ever ready to mentor the young people and gave his time to individuals and volunteering in the community. John, like many young workers at L&F spent many hours with my family. After his marriage, he and Coral continued this friendship with my parents and then us when we moved back to Manitoulin.
His cheerful visits and lively stories will be missed.

Posted by: Ted and Vivienne Eaton
Thu September 03, 2020
Nearly five years ago with much sadness we said goodbye to John's beloved Coral. Now we must do so again with John. We enjoyed the company of John and Coral and their neighbour, Joan Budd, both before and after we moved to the island, some 21 years ago. Many happy times were spent visiting in our respective homes, as well as at Abby's and Garden's Gate and at the annual South Baymouth fish fry. We loved hearing John's stories of his years spent at the Fish Research Station. He was definitely a master artist, and without doubt some of his paintings ought to be hanging in Ottawa.  Farewell, John.  Thanks for many fun memories.

Posted by: Joyce Digout
Fri September 04, 2020
I am so sadden by the loss of a beautiful man  I just found out  and my heart is full of grief,  He was a great man  who I enjoyed every minute I spent with him.  I will miss him.  My heartful condolences to his brother and his nieces  who I enjoyed meeting.

Posted by: Ann wolfe
Sat September 05, 2020
Sending my sincere condolences to Johns family at this very sad time. My dad.  Bernard was a cousin of Coral, and both my mum and dad had visited John and Coral in 1996. My dad kept in contact with John & Coral and I too have had the pleasure of delightful conversations with John over the last 18 months since my dad passed away. John was always thrilled to hear from me and I enjoyed his very friendly and warm personality. I would have loved to met him. Talking with him was always a pleasure, and I will miss that. I remember one time  he rang me at 6am Australian time and he kept apologising. John told me technology was not his thing. We would always have a laugh about that. Rest In Peace John.