Guest Book for Candle Light Service

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Posted by: Becky Van Horn
Tue October 30, 2012
I think this is a great thing, I have very much appreciated what you have done.  Christmas truly is the hardest time of year when a loved one is gone.  In 2003, I lost my mom and my dad in 2011.  The candles you prepare for each family are lit for the day to keep them close to our hearts. If i were closer I would love to help you out but I am sure if you ask there are many who would lend a hand for such a wonderful occasion.

Posted by: Gale Fenton
Wed October 31, 2012
The candle light service touched everyone of our family when you did it the year our father Douglas Fenton passed away (2006).  Your kindness, generosity and thoughtfullness is why your services and attention to details are very much respected and thanked from everyone in our family.
I too would love to be able to help you out if I lived closer.  Thank  you from the bottoms of our hearts for doing a very honourable tribute to our loved ones.

Gale Fenton

Posted by: ruth chisholm mohammed
Wed October 31, 2012
gloria and tony...i have not been to your service, however, i did attend the services at the hospital and i can tell you, like the other ladies, it is so heartfelt, and an honour to have family remembered in such a special way, and, even though, many of us live off island, knowing that you honour our loved ones, in this way, IS comforting. My grandmother use to tell me that even if you enrich the life of one person it is worth the effort!

Posted by: (Rev.) Faye Stevens
Sun November 04, 2012
Hi Gloria and Tony
I know the families that are able to grieve in healthy ways benefit from the Candlelight service.  I have thought of doing a service at the United Church for all who are grieving, or for whom Christmas is a difficult time. If you were to suspend your service, or need a break for a year, perhaps I would, or if you were willing, we could work together...I would be happy to do the liturgy which would include folk who did not necessarily use your services or have a loved one who died in the past year.  I am not sure exactly what you have done with candle-lighting in recent services, but I would certainly like to see some aspect of candle-lighting included!!
We can talk!!

Posted by: Pam jewell
Wed November 07, 2012
Hi Gloria,

I just wanted to let you know,if you decide to go forward with the candle light service, my family and myself are more then willing to help in anyway.  Please don't hesitate to contact us.