Guest Book for Sylvia Shawande

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Posted by: C
Tue May 01, 2012
As we carried on the conversations and sharing stories with family
and friends--Sylvia cared for all she met--Her smile will live with us
forever--Her favourite words and encouragements will always be our
guide.  She was clever and always striving.  She loved living on
Mnidoo Mnis, home of her ancestors.  She treasured all of what
nature gives.  She loved to feel the wind.  She loved the sun shining
on her as she took time to spend with friends.  She loved the fire
sparking in the night as she visited.  She loved the waters of
Thomas Bay.  We say farewell to our beloved friend.  
She loved us all and we still love her.  
With sympathy in our hearts, we remember her kindly.

Posted by: Julia A Rivers
Wed May 02, 2012
Anni Kwe; Miidesh gii maajaain: Baa Maa Miiwaa gwaabmiin, ginii daagooshnaa odi
eh zaaiing!  My friend I sorry that i could not say Baa Maa to you. I remember the times we talked about things an it was enlightening. My friend I shall join yu later when i get called. Miigwetch niiwichkaan!! Jenyen